Missing trekker report 2020: the missing year

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, trekking stopped in March 2020 and essentially did not resume until October 2020 when it started and stopped again abruptly.

Due to the pandemic there were no missing trekkers in Nepal during the year 2020.

2020 was a bad year for trekking in Nepal

The initial March 2020 lockdown meant stranded tourists and the entire trekking industry stopping. This was bad. However, for trekking there was worse to come.

In October 2020 Nepal opened trekking again. However the Delta variant of COVID-19 was spreading and as such there was a second lockdown which stranded trekkers and tourists alike once again.

This double stranding of tourists would highlight Nepal in the negative. The only positives were that vaccines were on the way and those involved with trekking tourism would be on a priority list after health care workers and the vulnerable.

Conclusion on missing trekkers in Nepal during 2020

Nobody went missing because few went trekking. This didn’t stop the propaganda machine of wealthy trekking agents and hoteliers who wanted to ban independent trekking though. They continued on with their information bombardment of saying independent trekking needed to stop in Nepal.

MissingTrekker.com records show that In 2019 14 tourists died in the Nepali mountains 50% of whom were with a guide.

50% means an equal number of people died with guides than without. There was no difference.

Further to that statistic, In 2019 177 tourists died in the Swiss mountains.

We can only concur that a lot of the information being released by certain high-end trekking agencies and hoteliers are for their own benefit and not that for the recreational activity of trekking in Nepal.

In 2021 it will be interesting to see how the travel industry reacts to a lack of trekking due to the pandemic. Whether the country tries again to reopen for the Everest Summit season early in the year. And, if the pandemic subsides in Nepal.

MissingTrekker.com continues to post information on trekkers that have gone missing in Nepal. If you have any information on a missing trekker please follow these guidelines.

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