About MissingTrekker.com

What is MissingTrekker.com?

MissingTrekker.com is an informational website set up to help family, friends and others who are searching for missing trekkers in Nepal. Currently there is no central or “one place” for people to go and either post information about a missing trekker or find information on what to do if someone goes missing while trekking in Nepal.

Why does MissingTrekker.com exist?

Before MissingTrekker.com there was no place friends or people looking for information on missing trekkers in Nepal could go. MissingTrekker.com exists because of this.

MissingTrekker.com does not report missing trekkers in Nepal to anyone other than on its own page of missing trekkers. MissingTrekker.com does give general guidelines on what a person should and who they should contact about a missing trekker.

Who set up and runs MissingTrekker.com?

MissingTrekker.com was set up and is run by David Ways. A travel author and publisher who has specialized in travel to Nepal. David is also the founder of The Longest Way Home.

As part of The Longest Way Home’s best travel guides to Nepal David has been frequently contacted by worried family members and friends of missing trekkers over the years. David’s travel research into Nepal uncovered the fact that no organization had a dedicated list of missing trekkers in Nepal past or present. So MissingTrekker.com was created. Since its launch the Nepali police have, since Aug 2016, stated they will now keep a list of all missing tourists (source) – so that’s one major milestone accomplished. MissingTrekker.com continues to provide a dedicated portal specifically for Missing Trekkers.

MissingTrekker.com is privately supported by David along with several people throughout Nepal who continuously keep the site updated with new information on missing trekkers in Nepal.

How can you support MissingTrekker.com

The best way to support MissingTrekker.com is to spread the word so that those in need can benefit from it. If you see someone online who’s asking for help about a missing trekker then let them know about MissingTrekker.com.

If you’d like to support MissingTrekker.com then do consider purchasing one of the following guidebooks to Nepal.


Ekaternina Katargina & Artem Ostrovski

Name: Ekaternina Katargina & Artem Ostrovski
Nationality: Russian

Date Last Seen: 2nd May 2022
Location Last Seen: Namche Bazar
Status: Found

Young Kidron

Name: Young Kidron
Nationality: Israeli

Date Last Seen: 21st September 2021
Location Last Seen: Soti Khola on the Manaslu trek / Dharapani on the Annapurna Circuit (checkpoint sign in only)
Status: Missing

Two Dutch Female Trekkers

Name: Two Dutch Missing Trekkers
Nationality: Dutch

Date Last Seen: March 18th
Location Last Seen: Jagat to Throng La PAss (Annapurna)
Status: Missing – Found

Ankit Sah, Sajit Lama, Abhisek Mahato, Suman Bhatta

Name: Ankit Sah / Sajit Lama / Abhisek Mahato / Suman Bhatta
Nationality: Nepali

Date Last Seen: January 31st
Location Last Seen: Khopra (Annapurna)
Status: Found – Alive

Thomas Wierks & Si Sung

Name: Thomas / Sung Si
Nationality: Dutch / Korean

Date Last Seen: 22nd September, 2019
Location Last Seen: Thuman (Langtang)
Status: Found – Deceased

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Missing Trekker
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