Few trekkers make it a second year in a row with no missing trekkers.


Despite being “open”, Nepal didn’t make it easy for people to visit until September 2021. The result is similar to the 2020 scenario which resulted in no missing trekkers.

There’s not a lot to celebrate though. Despite no missing trekkers, we still received a multitude of emails from families asking about their “missing” relatives trekking in Nepal. These “missing” people all regained contact within a couple of days.

The reasons for the silence were bad mobile and internet connectivity up in the mountains of Nepal. This is expected. Yet in an every connected world, people are not used to seeing Instagram selfies suddenly stop. 

The good news is that Missing Trekker was here to help people. And we did. These missing trekkers were literally not missing, but just out of contact for a few days. People are right to worry about their loved ones. However, their loved ones should research more about Nepal, and let people know they will be out of reception. Who they are trekking with. And when they will be back in a large town again. Sadly, many do not.

Going forward

We’ve got safety tips for trekking on Missing Trekker. We’ll add some more there at the top. But more emphasis needs to be put on trekkers taking responsibility when visiting Nepal. The reason for this is that Nepal, trekking guides and all those involved in the industry brush over these things. Nobody wants to know they’ll be out of contact etc. It doesn’t sell treks – so nobody will tell you. They should. 

It’s a simple thing to do. Here’s a sample:

“Hi Folks (your relatives, partners, or friends,

I’m going trekking between October 1st to October 12th. I might not have internet every day, or at all. Please don’t worry. 

But, if you do worry, and I know some of you do! Please contact XYZ trekking company who I’m going with. They’ll know if there’s a problem. I fully plan to be back in internet on October 12th, back in Kathmandu that evening. As you know I’m flying out on October 18th. 

If I do go missing, please look at the MissingTrekker.com website as they have lots of useful information! :))

See you soon! “

If you have time, add in the itinerary too. 

What will 2022 be like? 

With Nepal now fully open. I have no doubt there will be many missing trekkers in Nepal again. Including fatalities. Sadly during the past two years signage, trekking routes, and guides have not been kept up to date. 

Prices are rising in Nepal and trekkers will try to whittle down prices and end up with poorly experience trekking guides. Or, first time trekkers will try to forgo guides altogether. Worse yet, some trekkers will prioritize time and shortened itineraries over recommend itineraries. 

Let me put it bluntly. Everest Base Camp trek is 12 days minimum. Don’t shorten it. For any trek that has acclimatisation days, take them. Even if you feel good. They are there for a reason. Acclimatization not only affects one physically, but also mentally etc confusion, easily distracted etc.  

Similarly, I think there will be an influx of trekkers from India looking for treks and not coming prepared. Get a guidebook on trekking in Nepal. Read it. Don’t just post on Facebook, it’s simply not good to get good information on the reality of trekking.

Don’t forget in 2019 the last fully open year there was an equal number of missing trekkers with guides and without in Nepal. The key to a great trek is research, research, research. 

I think in 2022 we’ll be back to more missing trekkers. It’s all so preventable! 

MissingTrekker.com continues to post information on trekkers that have gone missing in Nepal. If you have any information on a missing trekker please follow these guidelines.

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