Trek safely to prevent trekking problems

A little bit of preparation can save your life

Please read the following tips and helpful articles on preparing for a trek in Nepal and keeping safe on the trails.

Not only could it save your life, but it can also help prevent your family and friends being worried.

If you don”t take precautions you can easily go missing without a trace.

Tips before you go trekking

Research your trek before you go!

What trek are you going on?

What time of year is it better to go trekking?

Are certain times of the year more dangerous to go trekking?

You should know these answers before booking a trek

Don't rush your trek!

Rushing through your trek will result in accidents and altitude sickness.

Take your time and enjoy it!


Tell everyone where you are going!

Let friends and family know what date you plan to be back from your trek on!

Let them know if you are thinking about taking an extra day or two as well.

Download What3Words to your phone!

What3Words has created a 3x3m grid across the planet – including across all of Nepal’s trekking regions.

If you become lost, or stuck in an area and have a phone signal you can simply open the app and tell the rescue team your location by saying the three words on the app.

Do learn about using What3Words Offline. You can download the free What3Words app for Apple or Android devices here.

Get insurance for trekking!

Did you know many travel insurance companies won’t cover you for trekking over 3,000m!

Make sure your travel insurance covers you before going on a trek

Most travel insurance companies don’t cover you for search & rescue but if you do get into difficulties you can be evacuated.

Read about a recommended travel insurance for trekking in Nepal


Don't go alone!

If you’ve never been trekking in Nepal before then don’t go alone the first time!

Solo trekking is great, but if you have never been to Nepal before you don’t know what to expect.

Take some precautions like going with a guide or a group for your first trek in Nepal.

Tell your family & friends where you are going!

Tell your family and friends what trek you are going on!

Send them an email with the name of the trekking company too.

Let friends and family know you might not have internet for a while!

Send friends and family your itinerary if possible!

Don't kill yourself trying to save money!

Far too many people try to reduce their trekking budgets by reducing the number of days on a trek or going without a guide.

Rushing a trek can cause altitude sickness and accidents are more likely to occur when rushing.

Take a shorter trek or increase your budget rather trying to cut corners and risking your life!



Tell your hotel where you are going

Tell your hotel in Kathmandu or Pokhara what date you’ll be back.

Give them the contact details of your family too.

Email your passport & travel insurance

Send a copy of your passport ID page and travel insurance certificate to a family member

If you get into difficulties then they will have your immediate information to help you


Get an updated guidebook!

Don’t trust everything on TripAdvisor and certainly don’t read trekking agency websites for accurate information. Guidebooks are the gold standard in accurate information – get the best guidebook to Nepal.

Safety tips when you are trekking


Remember it's not a race

Everyone has done the trek before, don’t rush to keep up with others.

If you are in a group, everyone should stick together

Turn back if you don't feel well

If you start to get headaches, dizzy or disoriented don’t hesitate to turn back if it’s altitude sickness

You don’t always have to go back to the city and cancel your trek. Sometimes a night or two is all that’s needed to feel better.

Read more about altitude sickness in Nepal

Don't wander off too far

Everyone likes a bit of alone time, but don’t go out by yourself without telling people where your are going or for how long

Always carry a torch and water with you


Don't leave your guide!

If you choose a bad guide or had a disagreement with them, don’t go it alone!

Call the guides main agency to arrange for another one. Or contact the tea house and ask for one.

Better yet, read how to find a trekking guide in Nepal

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water when trekking

Be sure to drink clean / sterilized water though!

Leave the ego at home

Many people who have climbed mountains or trekked in other countries often think they can easily  take on a trek in Nepal.

Truly experienced trekkers know to leave their ego at home when they are trekking for the first time in a new country. Being brash, rushing or making demands that work in other countries may and often do not work in Nepal. Doing so can put your own life and others in danger.

Take a guide the first time and be respectful of everyone.

Hire a porter on the way

If you find trekking with a bag too much or you are struggling then you could hire a porter

If you are with a guide then let them help deal with the porter

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