Christiaan Wilson

Name:  (see main updates below for more information)

Nationality: Austrian

Gender: Male

Age: 41


Build: Medium

Region of Trekking: Khumbu region

Date Last Seen: 19th December, 2017

Location Last Seen: Lobuche East High Camp

Missing – Found/deceased

Map showing the area that the person went missing

Due to the nature of maps the exact “pin” position in relation to the missing persons last known location cannot be guaranteed. For any form of exact GPS coordinates contact the search party.

Further information on missing trekker

* The family of this missing trekker contacted us and asked us to post the trekkers details on the 25th of December to help in the search. Following the discovery of the trekkers body the family of this missing trekker contacted us again and requested that his personal details they shared with us to be removed following the discovery of his death. Out of respect for the family we have done this.

We are keeping the following factual information / public record to help other trekkers, their family and friends. Further publicly available information may also appear. By reading what happened here, one or more lives may be saved or helped.  

In further updates the mainstream media have written about this trekker publicly and new information has come to light on details following the trekkers death. Some of this public information is unique and we are monitoring it as the results could impact all trekkers in the future.

The “missing trekker” was mostly trekking alone but for the Lobuche East trek he was accompanied by a local guide.

The “missing trekker” and guide set out at 4 am on the morning of 19th December and they reached the Lobuche High Camp around 12 noon. As per the guides version the “missing trekker” attempted to reach the Lobuche East peak alone and return.

The guide stayed at the high camp waiting for the “missing trekker” but when he did not return into the late night he reported the case to Namche police station. An air and ground search team were sent to the area but the “missing trekker” was not found.

The body of the “missing trekker” was found in late December. Sadly the “missing trekker” had passed away.

There was some controversy in regards to leaving the body on a mountain or having it returned.

The body of the missing trekker was removed from the mountain in March 2018 and returned to Kathmandu.


Those that have seen him or have any information should contact:

  • Nepal Tourist Police: +977-1-4247041

Other sources of information and photographs of the missing trekker

More information

The authorities in Nepal have been contacted about the missing trekker

Redacted weblink

Air and ground searches were carried out over two days 25th and 26th December

We have been informed that the body of this “missing trekker” was found.

Missing Trekker