Christiaan Wilson

Name: Colin Mccleary

Nationality: USA

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Height:  5’10” / 177.8cm

Build: Athletic

Region of Trekking: Everest Base Camp

Date Last Seen: 29th December, 2014

Location Last Seen: Everest Base Camp

Missing – 

Map showing the area that the person went missing

Due to the nature of maps the exact “pin” position in relation to the missing persons last known location cannot be guaranteed. For any form of exact GPS coordinates contact the search party.

Further information on missing trekker

We were contacted about Colin McCleary in December 2018. However please note that Colin went missing in December 2014.

Colin was allegedly trekking alone to Everest Base Camp. He was seen in social surroundings with Nepali people before the trek and it is not known if he went with them or not. 

Nepali authorities were alerted to Colin’s disappearance. 

Those that have seen him or have any information should contact:

Other sources of information and photographs of the missing trekker

Missing Trekker