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Name: Ankit Sah, Sajit Lama, Abhisek Mahato, Suman Bhatta

Nationality: Nepali

Gender: Males

Age: 24, 23, 24, 24

Height: unknown

Build: unknown

Region of Trekking: Khopra

Date Last Seen: 30th January, 2020

Location Last Seen: Narchyang


Found – Alive

Map showing the area that the person/s went missing

Due to the nature of maps the exact “pin” position in relation to the missing persons last known location cannot be guaranteed. For any form of exact GPS coordinates contact the search party.

Further information on missing trekkers

Ankit Sah, Sajit Lama, Abhisek Mahato, and Suman Bhatta let from Ghodepani in the Annapurna Region on January 30th for the Khopra trek

They reached Khopra on January 31st. The following day on their return journey they became lost as snow covered the route.

The trekkers had mobile reception and were able to telephone for help.

They spent one night in an open forest.

On February 1st they were rescued. A Simrik Air helicopter airlifted them to Pokhara.


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