Christiaan Wilson

Name: Two Dutch Female Tourists (found with names removed at request)

Nationality: Dutch

Gender: Female


Height: unknown

Build: unknown

Region of Trekking: Annapurna Circuit

Date Last Seen: 16th March, 2020

Location Last Seen: Jagat to Throng La


Missing – Found

Map showing the area that the person went missing

Due to the nature of maps the exact “pin” position in relation to the missing persons last known location cannot be guaranteed. For any form of exact GPS coordinates contact the search party.

Further information on missing trekker


The two trekkers have been found. At the request of their family we are removing their personal details.


On March 18th two trekkers were reported missing between Jagat and Throng La Pass. 

Update: an hour after posting, TAAN removed the original post with a new one with a passport photo only and no mention of a porter.

This may be a case of telecommunications lines being down or electricity not being available to charge a phones battery. However, it’s also a case that with snow on the ground it’s essential for these trekkers and porter to be located sooner than later.

Update March 19th. One of the missing trekkers family members contacted us and let us know that they have been found. They have also requested their personal details to be removed. 

Other sources of information and photographs of the missing trekker

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Missing Trekker